Tuesday, April 21, 2009

New services!

Have you noticed the popularity of Giveaways and Networking? You can hardly hop a blog without encountering one of them. I am a fan of both, they are great for increasing views and gaining readers.

To help out with these growing aspects I'm offering Numbered Comments and Networking Icons. They are now included in the Hip Hip Hurray Hippo and the Heaven Sent Hippo Package, or can be purchased separately as add-ons.

If you plan on hosting any giveaways or if you have a Twitter or Facebook account give me a shout.

Also I created a new package called Hero Hippo. It's perfect for someone who wants their blog to match their website. Both of these new services are included as well as one more new service called Product Showcase.

And if that wasn't enough I am now including a column change free with any purchase!!