Saturday, November 22, 2008


I won a homemade purse a few days ago and have just received it in the mail! It's from Regina at Miss Gina Designs. I'm not much of a purse girl but I really do like this purse. It's so well made. I searched and searched but could not find any flaws. It really blows my mind how she did it. It looks like it came from a department store. I love her attention to detail. The inside looks even cooler then the outside. I'd highly recommend getting one for yourself!

It's so beautiful it inspired me to create a new blog background and header. You can view it and get it at my new blog. I created a new blog to simplify things; It's specifically for my free blog wear. Here is the preview for my new set called Regina. Click the preview to go to it directly. Click here to go to my new website home.