Friday, November 28, 2008

Holiday Recipe Cards

Happy Friday! I hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving. Here is the perfect freebie for all of you with food still on the brain. They are a set of three holiday recipe cards! Spending my first Thanksgiving away from home made me grateful for my mothers cooking. This white girl from AZ doesn't do too good with Cuban Thanksgiving food. Nor food cooked without love and recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation.

Therefore I am determined to never go another holiday without the good food from my childhood. I think I'm going to print these babies out and send a bunch to my mother and grandmothers so they can fill them out and return them to me. If you are in a similar situation I would suggest trying it with me. If you are a mother who's daughter, or even son, has recently moved away, please fill some of these out to send to them. I'm pretty sure they will thank you and so will I! Click the link below the image (or the image itself) to download. Then check back later today as I should have my Winter Collection up!

Click here to download