Sunday, November 9, 2008

Christmas Giveaway is Now Over

My Christmas giveaway is now officially over. I've completed and sent out everyone's designs. If you haven't received yours, it's because you didn't reply to my emails, or you didn't leave an email for me to contact you at. If you are still interested (or think this is a mistake) go ahead and reply and I'll get your free items to you.

I did some really good work during this last week and I thank all of you who inspired me. I hope everyone is fully enjoying their designs. I appreciated all the praise and thank you's. :) Please don't forget to tell all your friends and family about my work.

Those who missed out, don't worry, my prices are very reasonable and my talents are even more refined. Have a look at my new portfolio to see some of these great designs I've done. Also check back often, I had a lot of fun with this and I just might do it again.