Friday, October 24, 2008

6 Interesting Things

I was very surprised today when I checked my email. It informed me that I had a new comment! I love comments so I read it right away. Lisa from Serah's Soap Blog left a complement on my designs and tagged me today for the 6 Interesting Things Game! This was a very big surprised because I have never interacted with her or even visted her blog before. I guess people that I don't even know enjoy my work. That's exciting to me so here are my interesting things.

  1. I like to put my ice-cream in a cup and fill it with milk
  2. I love watching Jurassic Fight Club on the History channel
  3. I wish I was as talented as Allie Brown
  4. I've been to three different Colleges but only have my AA
  5. I like to paint my toe nails pink for no reason whatsoever
  6. I have lots of mesquitoe bites from laying outside on a picnic table
I'm suppose to tag 6 more people but I'm going to be a bad girl and not. Enjoy!

*I'm also posting some more layouts on my website. So go look at them if you are bored.