Monday, September 15, 2008

Picture Pieces

These are adorable. Simply adorable. I love designing them and seeing them in action so I'm bringing them to you. They are called picture pieces because I take your picture and add bits and pieces of things to make it fabulous. They are the same size as my side bar images so that's where you put them and you write about you priceless little ones underneath.

You can view more examples in my gallery. $12 per image or $50 for 5.

Click to order picture piece

Please fill out a form for each picture piece you would like. If you order one, fill out one form. If you order five, fill out five forms. And so forth.

Then add it to cart. A page will automatically pop up to inform you that it was added. If this is the only item you would like go ahead and hit "Proceed to Checkout." Otherwise exit it and keep shopping. You can always go back to your cart by pressing the "View cart" button on my homepage.

Buy one at a time $12 :

Buy five at a time $50 :