Saturday, September 20, 2008


A button is usually used to promote a website (see left hand column.) But they can also be used to display inspirational quotes or cute saying. If you are looking for an item with an image, perhaps of your family or child, I'd suggest my picture pieces. Each button can come with a text box underneath it with a code that your viewers can copy and paste into their blog. I know when all I have to do is copy and paste I'm a lot more willing to add a button from someone's blog. Each button is $10. Add as many as you would like and I'll make them all a little different but still keep with your theme.

Click to order button

Then add it to cart. A page will automatically pop up to inform you that it was added. If this is the only item you would like go ahead and hit "Proceed to Checkout." Otherwise exit it and keep shopping. You can always go back to your cart by pressing the "View cart" button on my homepage.