Thursday, October 2, 2008

Here are all the items I can create for blogger blogs (2 or 3 column.) You can buy just one thing or you can add whichever items you want to your cart to create an ever more customized blog. Click on them to view more info, order, and add to cart.

Linked header: $35
I can create custom linked headers for blogger. Just fill out the form so I know exactly what you want and I'll do the rest. I'll even install it for you for free. A linked header (also known as a navigation bar or a horizontal menu) is a great way for your visitors to negotiate around your blog and it increased your page views immensely.
Click to order linked header

Header: $20
The easier way to customize your blog is to add a custom header. Your photos, your text, your style. Whether you would like it to match a free, pre-made, or custom background, your custom header is sure to shine.
Click to order header

Footer: $10
Footers are found at the bottom of your posts, opposite you header. These usually contain a sweet message that you want to leave with your blog viewers. It could be a family motto, favorite scripture passage, or just a little cheer to spread around. These footer do not include images, but for $5 a piece I can add them in.
Click to order footer

Backgrounds: $15
If you search hard enough I'm sure you will find the perfect free background. But if you aren't up for the searching I can create that perfect background for you. I will even add text and photos if you would like. Where else are you going to get that?
Click to order background

Favicon: $10
Favicon is short for favorite icon. It is the small picture on the left of the url. Instead of the orange box found on blogger I can create you a small image all your own. This image is useful for your visitors and yourself to easily distinguish your blog. It makes it so convenient when you like to have a ton of tabs open like I do. And it even appears in bookmarks. I will create the image, host the image, and install the image all for you for $17.
Click to order favicon

3 Column blog change and $10 off custom package: $15
Simple as that. I will change your blog into a three column one and I will also offer you any package you would like for $10 off. All I need you to do is email me your blogger username and password to hipposcraps@gmail

Picture Pieces: $5 a piece or $20 for 5
These are adorable. Simply adorable. I love designing them and seeing them in action so I'm bringing them to you. They are called picture pieces because I take your picture and add bits and pieces of things to make it fabulous. They are the same size as my side bar images so that's where you put them and you write about you priceless little ones underneath.
Click to order picture piece

Button: $5
A button is usually used to promote a website (see left hand column.) But they can also be used to display inspirational quotes or cute saying. If you are looking for an item with an image, perhaps of your family or child, I'd suggest my picture pieces. Each button can come with a text box underneath it with a code that your viewers can copy and paste into their blog. I know when all I have to do is copy and paste I'm a lot more willing to add a button from someone's blog.
Click to order button

Signature: $5
To add a signature on your blog is something rather unique. It will appear at the end of each of your posts. I will create your signature image, host it, and install it for you all for only $7.
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